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About Us

In 1969, married and with a young family, Dave McGowan started a business in his home garage in Murdoch Street, Otahuhu.


In these early years, Mcgowan Abrasive Engineering was purely a grinding business.

Dave soon discovered the need for rebuilding worn parts by hard chroming.  A decision was made to move his business in with Otahuhu Hardchrome Platers.  This enabled Dave to become more efficient by being on hand straight away.

As the business expanded, Dave moved the business to 40 Huia Road, Otahuhu, sharing the premises with Otahuhu Thermal Spray - this in turn introduced him to metal spray coatings.

Dave’s youngest son, Garth, learnt to metal spray but left the business to pursue a fitting and turning apprenticeship and gained experience as a maintenance fitter with Carter Holt Harvey and Marley.  

Dave’s oldest son, Shane, joined the business in 1984 and Garth returned to develop the metal spray side of the business.

On 1st Feb 2013, Dave retired and Garth and Shane took over the now renamed McGowan Engineering Ltd.  The philosophy of quality with a quick turnaround is still the main focus of the business.

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Metal Sprayed brake rotor


Mcgowan Engineerings Signwritten Ute

Zinc, bronze, copper and steel coated art work

Zinc, bronze, copper and steel coated art work

Concrete coated with bronze metal spray

Concrete coated with bronze and iron metal spray